The Falls and a Rainbow

I think few people realize just how big Upper & Lower Yosemite falls are… over 2,400 feet top to bottom, which makes the falls a top 10 highest fall in the world. The amazing thing is Upper falls alone (shown here), is taller than the Empire State Building by some 150 feet.

Dazzling isn’t it?

The unfortunate thing is that this still image doesn’t capture the “roar” of the water spilling this great distance. When you are close you can feel the bass in your chest… the constant-ness of it differs from the usual sounds you hear with pounding surf which has a rhythm to it… this just goes and goes and goes…

I love the “S” curve of the falls in this image… as the wind kicks up the water free-forms in the air and the entire falls sways and dances before your eyes. Could spend all day here just watching the majesty of it all…


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