A Perfect Rose

Was on facebook and my good Aussie friend Daniel Bust posted some Valentine’s Day images of a rose shot. Been wanting to do a macro of a “perfect” rose for awhile, so Daniel’s post was a swift kick in the pants (sorta-speak) which promptly had me gathering a bunch of equipment setting up a pseudo studio in the living room. 3 Kenko extension tube, 1 70-200mm lens, 1 Canon 500D macro lens, 1 SU-800 Commander Unit, 1 SB-900 flash, and 1 Lastolite Ezybox, and a Nikon D3…

…and of course 1 red rose.

Alot of stuff against one poor little flower. 🙂

But then again capturing the perfection, texture, color, softness that only nature can provide… it’s all worth it.

…Special Shoutout to Daniel, I owe you a Big Thank you for finally dragging my butt off the couch and taking this shot.


2 Responses to “A Perfect Rose”

  1. You’re welcome for the butt drag…. 🙂

    Love the lighting, and the red really pops!

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