When you really stop and think about all the movement going on in the Universe you can end up making yourself dizzy. Moon revolves around the earth, which revolves around the sun, which revolves around the center of the the Milky Way which is spinning its way who knows where. Like I said, alot of movement going on.

Here you have the Moon rising, and the sun setting, while Half Dome, that rather large hunk of granite sits still (although, its really moving with the Earth’s revolutions…) Amazing that with all these things in motion, we can capture a still photo 🙂

But I like this shot… for many reasons, the alpen glow on the distant mountaintops, the Man-in-the-Moon captured with detail, the sky with an amazing blend of color as day gives in to twilight which shortly will fade to night. This is the magic hour in photography where light really shines and does its thing.



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