It’s Just Freakin Massive!

That’s the only way to describe Yosemite Falls. This is the base of the Upper Falls where the water cascades down 1,400 or so feet and lands with a roar.For perspective, I am about 6’2″. In this shot I’m not even sure you would even be able to resolve me in this image. It’s that BIG! From here, the water churns into the middle falls, before diving again into Lower Yosemite Falls.

Amazing to think how these trees and scrub fight for life on this shelf of granite. Nothing protecting them from the elements but the pure will and drive to live. Nature at its best here in this photo. Its one of those indelible memories locked in my head from this visit to this fantastic place.


One Response to “It’s Just Freakin Massive!”

  1. Wow,Congratulation, great picture! The trees seems to tiny, I can`t imagine how big the Fall is!

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