Daybreak: Yosemite Park

There is something about those first few moments before dawn breaks. The sky begins to lighten, the dark blue of night begins to fade… The horizon begins to brighten intensely as the promise of a new day unfolds from 93,000,000 miles away.

There is something about those moments when the darkness begins to be chased away. I think biologically there is a trigger inside us from our early days that says “the scary night is ending, you can breathe a bit easier..”

Standing there… alot crosses your mind as you feel very close to nature and the universe, as if you get to peer into its ticking components for a moment or two… and Mother Nature reveals a little secret… glad I got to share this one with you.


P.S. Thats Half Dome to the left… love how the light wraps its arms around the landscape… click the image to see it bigger and have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Daybreak: Yosemite Park”

  1. This definitely needs to be viewed LARGE! A stunning image.

    Let me know how this looks in print, I’m interested in knowing how the blue gradations in the sky come out.

  2. Daniel: printed it… ran Noiseware on it first… have found that very blue skies tend to gradiate rather ugly sometimes, running Noiseware reduces this tremendously. Looks great on paper!

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