Super Moon. 3.19.2011

Every 18 years or so the moon swings around its somewhat elliptic orbit around the earth to its closest spot; its lunar perigee.

Headed to the south shore of Long Island to try and get a clear horizon line for the event. Ended up at Robert Moses State Park right in front of the famous Robert Moses Lighthouse… Had an amazing sunset with brilliant colors and hues (more later this week on that!) and didn’t have to wait long to see the red face moon popping over the Atlantic ocean. Because its orbit had brought it to its closest point to the earth, the moon appeared about 15% larger than an average full size moon.

Was really impressive watching it rise over the water… the color was spectacular, and indeed it seemed big enough to “loom” over us as is started its journey through the heavens. Just great stuff!


One Response to “Super Moon. 3.19.2011”

  1. Wow, great scene of the Moon. It almost looks like the Sun.

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