Robert Moses Lighthouse at Dusk

Finally! An iconic shot taken right here on Long Island. I’ve caught some flack at the Gallery for not having some real “Long Island” photographs, and I am happy to type that thanks to a great sunset (imagine, I go to shoot the Super Moon, and I get this incredibly colorful dusk shot), we have a true Long Island shot. Hey it’s only one, but one is a great start, and when you see the color on this image printed, its truly breathtaking. Will head back to this spot I am sure, although I am doubtful that the colorful hues of this sunset will return so vibrantly.

Makes me happy my passion is photography and this moment has been captured forever.

Will be available in the Gallery this weekend… come down and check it out!


2 Responses to “Robert Moses Lighthouse at Dusk”

  1. Great scene. I have never been to that lighthouse. I go to Montauk Point most years.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking, once again! This is a must have! I recently purchased another photo of yours. I am on a hunt now! If only I can get to NY! Someday! Let me know if you ever decide to let people purchase your work online! Have a list going already! Always look forward to your new work!

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