Fun with Flash…

Took alot of pictures the last few days- with Easter, and sports, and visiting family… the camera was clicking away.

Been thinking quite a bit after seeing Hobby and McNally on the Flash Bus Tour about taking my flash work to the next level and really starting to get serious about understand the language of light as it pertains to small and big strobes. I’ve dabbled and played, and the results have been ok to pretty good… but its time to bare down (as they say) and start understanding the details…

With that in mind, my poor, unfortunate boys begin easy targets. And since baseball season is in full swing, I figured some quick portraits against my white seamless would do. Couple things I’ve wanted to try.

1) Rim lighting the face and arms using two strobes off to the left and right behind the subject

2) Grid spot on their face to highlight this area, and give it a bit more punch

3) Adding a splash of color with another flash low to the ground pointing straight up at the seamless (zoomed out to 24mm to proved a wide swath of colored light)

Again, with that all in mind I asked Aidan to pose first. A shot a series of images using TTL (McNally-esque) and wasn’t real happy with the results. Had three separate groups set up – Group A were the rim lights, Group B was the gridded flash in front, and C was the flash in back. Honestly struggled a bit with the rims… didn’t seem to give me the definition I really wanted… I think Aidan was just moving around too much, so I stopped fiddling with em’, left em where they were, and just shot away.

Ended up with a few keepers, with just a few tweaks in post… Have some of Tristan for later this week!

P.S. Love the hat bending his right ear in this one

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