Fun with Flash II

Saw a portrait awhile ago of a baseball player done by Dustin Snipes… Always liked his work..

So I set up 3 flashes and let Tristan don his Three Village Patriots uniform.  Asked him to pretend he was pitching and shot away.

1) First flash was snooted and aimed at his cap to highlight the Patriots icon

2) Second Flash behind him with a blue gel to light the white seamless a different “punchy” color

3) Third Flash was a Honl grid aimed directly at his eyes… wanted that swath of light to capture his eyes and really highlight them. There was a bit of spill here, if he and I had the patience I would reshoot and try to remove the highlight on his cheek, so the line from the hat would meet the mitt.

Pretty quick setup, which was good… Both kids patience ran out real quick as the Lego table called… 🙂



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