Baker Beach Sunset

I owe my good friend Dave Alfaro a mighty big thank you for pointing me to this location- Baker Beach. Located not to far from the base of the Golden Gate Bridge on the City side of the Bay. Headed there for sunset… was a bit worried as the sky was bald blue all day, and the sky had no drama. Arriving before the sunset, things began to fall into place, as a bank of wispy clouds and another lower set moved in, which provided some great reflective light in the sky.


Obviously the range of light dictated this image to be an HDR. I’ve pretty much adopted this technique shooting sunsets and sunsrises where I include the sun itself… otherwise the metering in camera focuses on that (blows it out) and everything else loses its detail.

2 Responses to “Baker Beach Sunset”

  1. I love this.. the iconic GG bride takes only a few pixels of the shot, but all the lines in the picture point right toward it. Nice!
    New WP theme too? Love it!

  2. I should add that Im not really a fan of HDR. Moose nailed it when he called it the ‘the velvet elvis effect.’ However, when HDR doesn’t call attention to itself, it works. And it works here… you rock!

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