The Tree Continued…

Not sure which composition I like better… yesterdays or todays. What I do know is I love this scene…

I like the wide view of the vines, slightly curved on this sweeping hill and the movement the clouds in the sky suggest is happening… I like the dark rich blue framed by the whote puffy clouds, and yet there is a hint of grey… coming rain maybe… I like how the sun was brighter on the right of the frame than the left.

Not sure which one you like better? The vertical or the landscape… I guess it comes down to personal taste.

Thinking about doing this shot on canvas for The Gallery. Think the texture would really enhance the finished product.



2 Responses to “The Tree Continued…”

  1. I loved yesterday’s shot… but this one takes it to a higher level… LOVE IT!

  2. Joseph
    Yah, off center works better for me. for me I see more balance sort of giving both tree and vines equal time. You might want to make those clouds less muddy as a result making the blue sky seem darker (illusion)Great Shot.

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