Bodega Bay Harbor

This was a quick 5 frame snap made with an HDR in mind. Started playing with the image (almost like I always do… while I so enjoy shooting, the techie/geek in me really loves messing around in post-production).

Why HDR? Its debatable really… I found the glitter on the water to be blowing out a bit in one frame, so I bracketed thinking I would get everything compresses real nice.

Why Black and White? No other reason than I liked it better than the color version. Used NIK’s Silver Efex Pro to switch it over to B&W. Its simply awesome.

That was it. “Nancy” is the name of the boat… so if you know anyone named that, they might really enjoy the image šŸ™‚


One Response to “Bodega Bay Harbor”

  1. Once again, a beautiful picture, Joseph! You are so talented and this picture is timeless and relaxing to look at. thanks so much for sharing your gift with us.Mow that I’m back home in L/I I hope to visit your gallery.Hugs, Mom W;

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