Make a Wish…

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older its more difficult to recognize and appreciate some of those smaller things in life that we shouldn’t overlook.

Enter my son Aidan. Aidan at 5 years of age is already what I call a  “life poet.” My definition of a life poet is simple, someone who lives in the moment, and seriously pulls joy and wonder into seemingly mundane things. Hence, the image of this dandelion.

Aidan cannot pass a flower without smelling it, he cannot look at clouds without telling me what animal he sees, and he cannot, he absolutely cannot pass a dandelion without picking it, and blowing its seeds into the air and making a wish. This has rubbed off on me… When I see one, I don’t see a “weed” begging for some Roundup… I see a “wish maker”, I see his brown eyes intently focused, and his brain furiously thinking about the right wish he wants to make. He always closes his eyes tightly, then opens, puffs his cheeks and tries his hardest to ensure every seed takes off. Makes me giggle just thinking about it.

So, I’ve taken to photographing dandelions when I find them… in various states of disarray. This lucky guy was in Bodega Bay, California embedded in a concrete walkway, it had lost the top half of its seeds, probably blew away in a strong wind, or perhaps another little boy wandered by, made his own wish, and then blew a gusty breath to send its delicate parts adrift into the air, hoping a secret wish would come true.


One Response to “Make a Wish…”

  1. beautiful image, and i love the sentiment behind it. keep up the great work.

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