Sometimes you just don’t know…

Wasn’t sure about this photo when I took it…

Still not sure about it now.

I sorta like it, but I sorta think it could be better.

Happens a lot when taking pictures. I throw it out there for your judgement… thumbs up, or thumbs down.


4 Responses to “Sometimes you just don’t know…”

  1. Hi there! I see your struggle. : )
    For me, the license plate is such a point of focus, but sadly, it’s not the most interesting part of the image. The car’s candy apple red color, it’s hi shine and the chrome features are what really pop for me. If you cover the license plate (the lower portion of the image) with your hand so that the image runs narrow but long (like a panoramic shot) then it’s really interesting! Looks almost like the headlight is an eye peeking or winking at you and the focus is where it belongs – on the beautiful curves, color and shine of the car.
    Just my 2 cents though.
    Have a great day!

  2. I agree with Susan. I know what you were trying to do in not getting just another car shot the shot caught too much plate that’s all. Pretty color

  3. Excellent comments- Susan, thank you- agree with the lines! 🙂 Appreciate the feedback!

  4. If I were able to reshoot this it would be bounce off a tent for softer highlights…As if it were fine crystal.

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