Lord of the Rings

We have a big family wedding coming up this weekend! Ryan and Jenna are getting married… and our son Aidan has the distinct honor of being the ring-bearer (hence the name of this post).

In the tradition of wedding “traditions”, the ring-bearer gets to don a tuxedo like the rest of the bridal party. And since this would be Aidan’s first official “tux fitting” I had to grab the camera and record this first of many “life moments”. He has been over-the-moon excited since Ryan and Jenna sent him a practice pillow. He slowly walks the kitchen and spreads a killer smile across his face. His gait is slow and deliberate… he’s very serious about performing well and realizes the magnitude of this day (well, as much as a five year old can realize the magnitude of anything…)

As in most retail locations there was just a horrid mix of light- daylight pouring through the window, harsh fluorescents above… just a wicked nasty swirl of ickiness. But I pretty much forgot about it all, and just went to shoot some special candids. Ryan ended up meeting us at the fitting, which turned out to be really special for the boys.



4 Responses to “Lord of the Rings”

  1. He’s The Man.

  2. I loved every picture……….

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