Sunset Pano from the Balcony

Stayed in Fajardo in Puerto Rico at the amazing El Conquistador Hotel. Had a nice high view overlooking the North end of the Island. Had a number of Thunderstorms that rolled in while we stayed, which sorta makes the day a bit tough from a planning perspective, but when they start to clear out around sunset, those clouds just provide the most amazing drama your lens can find.

This is a quick handheld panorama, did the Scott Kelby trick of turning my feet so it wouldn’t be so distorted when Photoshop stitched them together. In retrospect, I should have done this on a tripod and done a Pano-HDR like I did at Yosemite. I would have liked a bit more light along the hillside to show a bit of definition to the trees. Because the sun is already past the hilltop, everything underneath is just to dark in one exposure to have any detail. Bummer. Next time…

Nonetheless… I love these type of shots that show “transition areas” like sea to sky, sea to land, and land to sky… they simply make for more interesting shots.



2 Responses to “Sunset Pano from the Balcony”

  1. I gotta get a better travel agent… mine always sets me up with an outstanding view of the dumpsters in the parking lot! Nice shot!

  2. Hay Joseph
    Hope you had a great time on my Mothers island. Mom was born in Ponce. You stayed at the best hotel on the island. If you enjoyed some of the native foods, I have some great recipes I could share with you.
    When I did’nt stay at my aunt’s house in San Juan I’d stay at The El San Juan in Isla Verde. Glad you had a good time. Bob.
    (Great Shot)

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