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Did You Take a Picture Today?

Aidan's Sandals

Aidan's Sandals

Seems like a pretty harmless question right? But think about that picture you “could” have or “should” have or “might” have taken… that smile on your child’s face, that sunrise, the rain abstractly falling against your window~ maybe something you might not have thought of but is right “there” before your eyes… your kids sandals laying on the sandy beach. The images to be taken are endless, but they have to be taken in the first place.

I believe the value of an image is not in what is taken today, but the memory it will trigger tomorrow. Months or years from now, when your eyes glance across the image you took TODAY you’ll recall that moment- the scents, the sounds, the feelings… you’ll be seriously ‘happy’ that you decided to snap the shutter in that moment.

Photography defies physics. it allows us to freeze time forever…

Do yourself a favor~

Make Time Stand Still today.


Worth a Link…

I love Before & After magazine.

It’s an online and print magazine dedicated to great DESIGN, especially in visual mediums. Received an email today with a link to a worthy article.

And I agree. Great Design is a worthy toil. Making something clear, concise, and a joy to read is worth the time spent upfront to achieve those objectives.

Here’s the link:  Before & After. Enjoy!