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Sunset from the Hill

Another shot from Bermuda of a terrific Atlantic sunset. This shot is taken from the Pompano Beach Club in Southhampton Parish, a terrific resort that we have frequented several times and would highly, highly recommend if Bermuda is n your itinerary. As with most sunrises and sunsets, I used 5 bracketed images to capture the “huge” range of light, used Photomatix to bring them together and tone map them, and then finished the image in   NIK’s awesome Color Efex Pro suite (applied some tonal contrast to the clouds, and color range fixing to make the foliage and water a bit deeper as well).

Enjoy, and have a terrific weekend!


A simple click of a not so simple flower- there are over 200 species of Hibiscus flowers… many of which end up in herbal teas. 

I just like the way they look 🙂


Morning Run

Early morning fisherman heading out into the Atlantic to see what fortune will bring them. This was shot about 6am-ish or so, from a balcony overlooking the broad expanse of ocean beneath me. Every morning these yachts take off and return 12 hours later. 

Love the bubbling thunderhead in the middle of the image, no better place for clouds than the Bermuda sky.

A Slice of Heaven

As  a photographer you are often treated to truly incredible beauty. Places that appear to be paintings for a movie set, almost too “good” to be true. This little cove in Bermuda is such a place. Coral beneath the surface, open view to the sky and trees surrounding one side all add dimension, and texture to this Rowell “transition” zone. 

As with many sunets to grab the dynamic range of light presented I shot 5 frames, blended using Photomatix and finished it in CS3 (yes, I do need to get CS5 and LR 3, I know… it’s on the list). 

Enjoy the 4th of July!

The Giving Tree

This is one of those shots I took… just because I sorta liked it. It’s a tree. Period. But the way it was lit and the sky above it made for some interesting dynamics.  Took this shot waiting for a cab at the Cambridge Beach Club in Bermuda. Had enough time for a 5 bracket HDR, which I enhanced in post using NIK’s Color Efex Pro (which by and large is the best plug in you can buy for Photoshop, I think…).  And by the way, yes, that is the “real sky”, not doctored or touched up… The skies are so clear there that the Milky Way practically feels like its falling on top of you! 🙂

Bellying up to the Bar

This shot is from the outside bar at Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda. Thought it would make for a neat HDR image… and something very different from the typical landscapes I post. This was more about playing around with the colors and pushing the “structure” slider a bit more than usual (thats what gives an HDR image that more intense, “Harry Potter-ish look” which I typically don’t like)

Love the glow of the light at the bottom of the bar, its what caught my eye to begin with, and it lead to this image being born. 


Strolling along the Beach

The beaches in Bermuda yield many surprises… shells, gorgeous pink sands, and plenty of birds. Blue, grey, white, yellow, it’s a virtual eye-fest of colors. This guy happened to b braver than most. He just strolled along the beach looking for a meal, and pretty much ignored me and my camera. He would peek over at me to see I wasn’t too close and then went about his business (I assumed he flew in from New York, cause like a true New Yawker, “you don’t bother me, I don’t bother you…”) Shot this with a 70-200mm lens.

A Lamp By Any Other Name…

This shot was taken at the Bermuda Glassworks located in the Dockyard on the West End of the Island. Neat place, always stroll through every time we vacation there. Hand blown glass litters the shelves in gorgeous colors.

This ‘lamp’ which hangs like a chandelier was in the back of the place and was so wicked cool looking I had to shoot it. Reminded me of a big blue Amoeba or a hovering UFO. Amazing work of art that probably took way longer to make than I can imagine.


Photograph or Painting?

Since opening The gallery in Port Jeff, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on a photograph turned painting I took in Central Park.  It’s of a Horse & Carriage rounding a bend with snow falling all around. Very New York and VERY Central park.

So why turn it into a “painting.” First off, I believe in using the painting technique very sparingly. Most images do not lend themselves to the translation very well. But sometimes when finishing a photograph in post I just kinda get that look, that it needs something more, or something different to really make it come to life. in the case of Horse & Carriage, I felt  “painting”  the photograph lent a more dreamy, surreal feel to the image- it short it added more “romance” to an already romantic shot.

Felt the same with the shots below.  This is Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda. A great city to street shoot because of the vibrant colors of its buildings, and old world building construction- lots of columns, brick, etc.

Here’s the original shot with a Contrast Boost ion CS3.

After considering it in CS3.. felt it was a bit flat… so, switched over to Corel Painter 4 and applied a detailed watercolor treatment on rough paper.

I guess it comes down to personal taste. I like the painted image a little bit better… How bout you? 🙂

What my eyes have seen…

I love sunsets. Love capturing them in all their glory, which means a HDR (High Dynamic Range) shot. That bright sun tends to blow out the image, so I find that a 7 or 5 step HDR does the trick for holding the detail in the shadows, and just letting those satuarted oranges, and yellows, and yes even those blues behind the clouds live in all their majestic glory.

This was taken at Cambridge Beach resort in Bermuda. I’ve blogged before, but I think Bermuda and California hands down have the most amazing sunsets.  It’s as if the atmosphere itself is saying goodnight to the sun. Just amazing stuff… Glad I was there to bear it witness…