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A Slice of Heaven

As  a photographer you are often treated to truly incredible beauty. Places that appear to be paintings for a movie set, almost too “good” to be true. This little cove in Bermuda is such a place. Coral beneath the surface, open view to the sky and trees surrounding one side all add dimension, and texture to this Rowell “transition” zone. 

As with many sunets to grab the dynamic range of light presented I shot 5 frames, blended using Photomatix and finished it in CS3 (yes, I do need to get CS5 and LR 3, I know… it’s on the list). 

Enjoy the 4th of July!

Kelby’s Take on Topaz Adjust

If you haven’t already checked out Scott Kelby’s review of Topaz adjust, I would at He compares it against Lucis Pro another filter app that gives you that very saturated, very sharpened look; “HDR-ish” without the multiple frames, Photomatix ya-da-,ya-da-ya-da. Similar to Trey’s review of fame, he gave it a thumbs up. For $99 (the entire suite) I don’t think it can be beat. it can be overused (like anything else) but I think creatively it allows you to go in directions you may not have thought of originally exploring.

I do like his tip about copying a new layer, applying the filter, then reducing the opacity of the layer, or using a brush to “mask” in selective detail. I think this allows a greater degree of control of the effect applied

Another tip- watch the noise! This app tends to not only break pixels, it smashes em into atoms. I find myself running Noiseware or Define 2.0 (especially on skies, the clouds tend to pixelate quite a bit, which Define handles with grace and ease) after applying Topaz.

Hope it helps!