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Introducing The Signature Frame Collection…

We’ve been hard at work at The Gallery!

We are proud and excited to introduce The Signature Frame Collection. We’ve selected a few of our spectacular images to finish in a “you’ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it” fashion.

First, the images are printed on Epson’s Exhibition Fiber paper, one of the most luxurious papers a photograph can find itself on. Next ,we added Museum quality mats (where appropriate) and finally, we worked with a design team to incorporate some heavy-duty, WOW!, frames to compliment and complete each image. If cared for properly, these works of art can last well over 100 years.

Stop down at the Gallery, they are on display, and available for purchase now.

318 Wynn Lane |Port Jefferson | New York 11777


Nature’s Colors

This is the water’s edge down on Robert Moses beach looking west at sunset. The colors of the sky and water are what caught my eye. Lasted only a few minutes after the sun had set… sky was amazing during this brief window of time. Love how the drying water where the waves wash up, reflect the light so brilliantly.

Simply beautiful scene brought to you by Nature herself.

Robert Moses Sunset

After shooting the Lighthouse for a bit, turned the camera left toward the setting sun and the blazing color falling across the horizon and lower sky. Simply amazing when Mother Nature decides to dazzle our retinas with her own fireworks display.

Tough to write or say anything more… just let the colors themselves do the talking.

For those of you local Long Islanders this is taken due East of the Field 5 parking lot… pretty much in front of the Lighthouse looking West.

Robert Moses Lighthouse at Dusk

Finally! An iconic shot taken right here on Long Island. I’ve caught some flack at the Gallery for not having some real “Long Island” photographs, and I am happy to type that thanks to a great sunset (imagine, I go to shoot the Super Moon, and I get this incredibly colorful dusk shot), we have a true Long Island shot. Hey it’s only one, but one is a great start, and when you see the color on this image printed, its truly breathtaking. Will head back to this spot I am sure, although I am doubtful that the colorful hues of this sunset will return so vibrantly.

Makes me happy my passion is photography and this moment has been captured forever.

Will be available in the Gallery this weekend… come down and check it out!