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Sometimes You Don’t Have To Go Far…

Sometimes to get a cool picture you really don’t have to venture very far… This was the other night shortly after sunset. Looked out a window and saw a wicked sky that I’ve rarely seen- like something out of the movie “Independence Day.” Spooky, ominous and wicked all wrapped in one.  Walked outside, pointed the camera across the street from our house, and snapped. Used a 14-24mm f2.8, D3 was set to 3200 ISO. I still can’t believe that… 3200 ISO.  Sure there was noise, but not a lot, ran Define 2.0 and Noiseware on the image after adding a bit of NIK’s tonal contrast to the lower clouds… Just cool stuff if you ask me.

Spooky SkyUp pretty early tomorrow for another Photowalk in NYC- and Gleason’s gym. Can’t wait to see what gets captured, looking forward to the challenge of capturing the mood… and the action.

New York Times Introduces LENS

In a few of Joe McNally’s workshops and books he’s mentioned anyone who wants to be a “professional photographer” should seek mental help. The road is hard, uncertain, and not for the faint of heart…

The New York Times launched a new blog this week called LENS and its goal is to go behind the scenes of the Times’ photographers and show us what its like through their eyes. Well after watching this video of the press pool taking a 5 second Photo Op of President Obama and his staff in the Oval Office… I must tell you I harbor no dreams of being part of the press photography pool. Herded like animals through the door, shoot, shoot, then herded out another door (I hope my ISO was set right, I hope my White Balance was set right, did I flip back to Aperature Priority after my son’s soccer shoot????? I hope… I hope…) just seems like a very painful way to get a picture.

In reading the blog comments I thought someone had a truly brilliant idea, why doesn’t the white house just hire one photographer for shots like that and then send it out… Hmmm, worth thinkin’ about.

Did You Take a Picture Today?

Aidan's Sandals

Aidan's Sandals

Seems like a pretty harmless question right? But think about that picture you “could” have or “should” have or “might” have taken… that smile on your child’s face, that sunrise, the rain abstractly falling against your window~ maybe something you might not have thought of but is right “there” before your eyes… your kids sandals laying on the sandy beach. The images to be taken are endless, but they have to be taken in the first place.

I believe the value of an image is not in what is taken today, but the memory it will trigger tomorrow. Months or years from now, when your eyes glance across the image you took TODAY you’ll recall that moment- the scents, the sounds, the feelings… you’ll be seriously ‘happy’ that you decided to snap the shutter in that moment.

Photography defies physics. it allows us to freeze time forever…

Do yourself a favor~

Make Time Stand Still today.