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Crescent City, CA.

Took the way back machine for a ride last night to my first ‘workshop’ out of town and shooting landscapes in the big real world. Headed to Crescent City, California, which turned out to be a truly amazing place. The Redwoods surround it, the ocean lays at its doorstep, they have a great lighthouse, and a working harbor. We headed there one morning and the fog was so thick you couldn’t see more than 10 feet into the pea soup. Started worrying that flying all the way to California to shoot landscapes might not have been the brightest idea… but then the fog began to lift and the mystery beneath its veil was revealed.


City of Blinding Lights

…for some reason those lyrics by U2 come to mind as an apt name for this image.

Manhattan. Early morning, just moments before sunrise. The lights in the buildings still burn bright and act like beacons against the lightening sky. Soon they’ll become lost, and turn off as the blare of day overpowers them and the city wakes up.

There is still magic in the air at this hour though, the energy of the city pulses and its concrete beauty outshines everything else.

Ocean Bluff

Came across this one while looking back through some Lightroom Catalogs I haven’t explored in awhile. Interesting to come across some images that you’ve either forgotten, or just ignored for one reason or another. The light in this image is what stopped and gave me pause~ I liked the transitions from dark to light in the bluff, and then the ocean reaching out to those distant mountains with a bit of fog hanging in-between. This was shot May 08 when I attended the Redwods DLWS in Crescent City, California… was a quiet morning, and I think this image captures that mood perfectly.

Meadow Sunrise

I love this picture… the color, the wispy fog in the distance, the open space of the meadow… and the fence penning it all in.

..And I hate this picture… shot it hand-held in low light, it’s a tad blurry which will prevent me from printing it big. I broke the Golden Rule about low light shooting without a tripod. Wish I could call do-over…

Shame I can’t since it was snapped on a road outside of Crescent City, California.


Meadow Sunrise (c) Joseph Rowland 2009