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A Quick Snap

One of the main reasons I got into photogaphy in the first place was to document the lives and times of my boys. I felt that there would be no better record of their lives growing up… than a visual one. So no matter where we go as a family-tribe, I always try and capture a snap of them… so when they are older I can say… “remember when…” and get all teary eyed… 🙂

This is on the “famous” porch at Sagamore hill, the exterior wall is such a great color for portraits.  Had Kathy corral the boys into a quick shoot… one for the memory books.

Finished it with NIK tonal contrast, dark/lighten center and The Pioneer Woman’s Sharpen This! I think the combo of all 3 made for a unique snap. Will be printed and hung in a  frame on the wall… or maybe a frame on the desk.

The Bully Pulpit

A little over 100 years ago Teddy Roosevelt stood in the very spot occupied by Tristan and gave his famous fiery speeches to the press and local folk who had gathered to hear the President speak.

Amazing to think that his footsteps crossed these wooden boards… that intersection of time and physical space always gives me pause and makes me think about the history made in a spot where I’m standing (or in this case… Tristan…)

Finished the image with OnOne’s FocalPoint to give a bit of extra blur on the background.