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Palomino Island, Puerto Rico: July 2011

I call this my “Corona Beer” shot… after those commercials where they have a couple sitting on these gorgeous beaches popping a Corona and just enjoying the view. One of the benefits of staying at El Conquistador is they have their very own little island- just a short 7 minute ferry ride away. Really is  place to just get lost and enjoy the ocean, sky and palm trees… So if you wanna get away, book a ticket… will meet you there with a Corona in hand 🙂


Bodega Bay

This is the spot where Hitchcock’s The Birds was filmed… Nestled along the coast of the Valley Bodega Bay greeted us this am. I struggled a little bit on composition as it was a bit rough going at first… light was a little flat, and looking for a foreground subject proved a bit more difficult then I expected.

These little patches of wildflowers kept catching my eye and I worked them for almost a solid 45 minutes. Was hoping to get down and do some motion of the waves crashing against the rocks, but I stuck with this scene until I had exhausted it. Not sure I love it, honestly… but it captures the essence of this spot…

Fence & Dunes, Outer Banks

Been going back to the DLWS Outer Banks pictures for a “second look.”

Found a bunch of images I had debated on finishing, and now I’m glad I did. Worked through a bunch- popped them in Topaz Adjust, tweaked them in Color Efex Pro and some were adjusted using curves and levels only. A few I converted to Black & White, and they really look stunning. Capture the beauty of all that sand… and the beach barrier fences. This is one of them. It’s very “smiley” I think ! 🙂


Fence & Dunes