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The Number 5 Jet…

…cruising low over the water, accelerating, forcing vapor plumes around the wings and the canopy… awesome-ness times 2 :-).

Breaking Away

Simple click, with a lot of action. Love the vapor plume flying over the wing of the #1 Jet.. Just an incredible dance of energy, grace and power.


The Diamond

Not sure what it is about the Blue Angels that I love so much. I think its a combination of power, skill, and technology all rolled up into one very cool looking plane. This is a shot of the Diamond formation turning slowly over Jones Beach in front of 200,000 admiring folks.

Blue Angels: Falling Toward Earth

One of the challenges of shooting the air show is trying to get an “action” shot… where the Angels bank and roll, and split apart from their formation. You have to zoom out as they do it in order to capture as many of them in the frame as possible. I was tight on this shot and then began to zoom out as the planes began to roll and pitch away from one another. Awesome.

Two Up… Two Down…

Got a request from a client for some pics of the Navy’s Blue Angels. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot them now every other year at the Memorial Day Air Show at Jones Beach. Can never get enough of these guys (or the Thunderbirds) in flight. Just an awesome display of engineering, power, and skill. With the Air Show just around the corner figured I’d dust off some of the older shots and review the ones I like, and the ones I have to re-try this year.