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Sometimes you just don’t know…

Wasn’t sure about this photo when I took it…

Still not sure about it now.

I sorta like it, but I sorta think it could be better.

Happens a lot when taking pictures. I throw it out there for your judgement… thumbs up, or thumbs down.

Ford Grille

A quick shot with a 70-200mm f2.8 with a Canon (shudder!) 500d Macro lens threaded on the end. This has become one of my favorite ways to do quick macro shots without having to set up a tripod, extension tubes, etc. Its a real pain-in-da-butt though to ensure focus is tack sharp and where you wanna be… I’ve learned my feet are the best method of focusing- slight step in, slight step out… carefully watch the subject and see if I got focus. Then rip some frames and cross your fingers that one or two are tack sharp.

I also have to offer a tip-of-the-ole hat to the guys that dedicate themselves to restoring these machines. I think like any passion its more a labor of love to breath new life into these cars.

Iconic Mustang

Always liked that Ford Mustang Logo.  And when its raining, your attention turns to small details, often overlooked.

Loved how the rain drops puddled around the words… and added a bit of drama to the overall image. Used a Canon 500D Macro lens affixed to a 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Simple shot, no tripod required.

An instant favorite of mine…

Been a rough few days here in Santa Rosa. Constant rain, punctured by heavy downpours. NOT so good for a landscape photographer…

Luckily, we haven’t been hanging out in the local bar whining about the weather. We had an opportunity yesterday to visit a few classic and hot rod car locations which, believe it or not, was helped by the rain. Wet pavement creates reflections and mood… which we had plenty of.

We hit two locations Fred Stokes, and Vern Tardel’s locations. These two guys have devoted their lives to restoring classic and hot rod cars. Now I am the furthest thing from being a gearhead, my brother Jon got all the mechanical genes (thankfully I have him in the family!) but being around these awesome machines was simply amazing. Their color, their shape, their forms, made the lens beg for more.

At Vern’s place, he took this old car out in the drizzle, parked it in his vineyard and left it to us to shoot. Got low with a 14-24mm lens, and shot a 7 frame HDR image. Why HDR? Well, the sky was pretty blown out… grey, grey and more grey. I knew the HDR process would bring out the drama in the clouds and add another dimension to this photo.

After finishing it using Color Efex Pro 3’s filters (used a bunch) I just fell in love with the image. Has a World War II feel to it… as if a bunch of soldiers had left their vehicle to go look for bad guys… One of my favorite things about a great photograph is inventing a backstory to what’s been captured… I think emotionally, it connects us to a photo.

Can’t wait to print this one big. Has alot of character in it… which is why it became an instant favorite of mine…