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Across the Field…

Central park has many hidden treasures. The bridges, the great lawns, the trees, but abpve all… there is this unreal ring of amazingly reflective glass and concrete that encircles its perimeter. As far away one can feel from the city… you only need to look to the edge to be reminded of where you are…



Sometimes you forget…

…that when you are in Central Park you are literally in the heart of New York City. The design of the place is that great, until you look to the park’s perimeter and see these looming buildings over the trees… it’s then that reality comes crashing in and you realize where you are. Seems that every time I walk the Park I find another vantage point to shoot from. I like this shot. I wish the sky had a bit more drama, but the focus is really on the lake, the colorful tree in the middle, and those concrete things toward the edge… just a neat place


Simple Scene

We’ve seen this scene a million, maybe a billion times. A tree trunk surrounded by leaves.

Pay it no notice… usually. Until you see a photograph of it… and suddenly your eyes are drawn to the lines and texture of the bark, the pattern and color and texture of the leaves surrounding it. That’s the great thing about a photograph, it implores you to look and see the “forest AND the trees.”

A Quiet Path

Amazing in a city full of people (over 8 million at last count) you can find a quiet corner of central park where light and shadow dance through the trees.

I like the benches… waiting to be sat on… the path bending up ahead… the light playing on the concrete… the leaves of late autumn fallen and strewn about.

Wish I had stopped longer, maybe lingered to Think Big Thoughts… and just be…


The Magic of Central Park

If you’ve never been to central park in NYC, you have to ad it to your short list of things to do. It’s n amazing place. Really is. The bridges, the paths, the rock outcropping, the playgrounds… just a magic place, made all the more so by the fact its sitting squarely in the middle of the City. Twenty five million people a year visit its one sqaure mile space.. always glad to be one of them. 🙂


The Mall, Central Park ~ New York City

At the heart of Central Park in NYC lays “The Mall”, a wide promenade that was created to allow visitors to the park the opportunity to mix and mingle and congregate in an open space. Its bordered on both sides by beautiful American Elms, that stretch their limbs in interesting ways. Its a peaceful, yet busy, place in the heart of Manhattan.

Had great light the morning I shot this- the Mall was alive with people and pets… and the trees seemed especially alive in the morning glow. Snapped this shot during a break in our DLWS workshop, and finished it using a NIK filter called Glamor Glow. I use this filter sparingly because it tends to blur things a bit, but here, it brought out the magic of those majestic trees as they prepare for the long coming winter.

If you haven’t been to The Mall, I would urge you to go… a truly amazing place to see… and just be…

Enjoy! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!


Walking around Central Park I had this shot in mind. Only problem was, I wasn’t 100% sure where Strawberry Fields IS in Central Park, which being born and raised in NY makes me a tad bit embarrassed. This spot commemorates John Lennon, and is located a short distance from the Dakota Hotel where he was killed. I was there years ago, and there were flowers and candles and records strewn about the area… this time, only fallen leaves laid across the carefully embedded tiles.

Ended up shooting this is a few different ways, vertical, horizontal, and varied the plane of focus… on the letters, on the leaves, on the tiles themselves.

I like this treatment, will post others, so you can decide 🙂