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Energy Building

This is a close up of the top of a thunder cell building over the ocean. I watched it form for over an hour, and during that time, the light, shapes, textures and colors were simply amazing. It seemed to soak up the energy from the ocean and sun right before my eyes… to the point where I was craning my neck to shoot the top, and mind you, this thing was miles away over the water.

It very much reminded me of those Hubble Telescope shots of star factories in deep, deep space that stretch for hundreds of millions of light years. Nature has a tendency I think to repeat herself.

Watching this “thing” form made me open my eyes to “cloud art” and the inherent beauty they holds in their abstract, yet organized manner. I could sit on a beach and shoot these guys all day…

Shot with a 70-200mm f2.8 @ f5.6 1/200 second. Very little work in post, simply added a tad of brilliance to the lighter side of the clouds using NIK’s Color Efex 3.

Cloud Art

Encore Sunset

One of the nice things about visiting Las Vegas in July is it’s Monsoon Season. So you have a higher probability of rain, which of course can bring some great clouds, especially around sunset. So was the case on Thursday, July 23, 2009. Has clouds in the sky all day, and when the sun started to set they started to light up and catch that setting “glow.” Was heading south parallel to the Strip and saw these great clouds passing above the Encore. Pulled off at Tropicana, swung North again headed down some side roads and ended up… not really sure in a pseudo parking lot thing. Grabbed the D3 and snapped a few frames- both landscape and portrait, with the portrait really emphasizing the clouds, their formation and their color.. The Encore’s glass did a great job of reflecting the shimmering clouds- its facade changed color as the minutes passed and the sun dropped lower and lower.

Encore SunsetEncore Sunset II

After the Storm…

The wicked weather continues here in NY. Today, however, brought almost surreal clouds, winds, thunder & lightning. Really. Outrageous stuff. Reminded me of the line “something wicked this way walks…” Felt for a moment I was transplanted to Kansas, and Toto would be yapping as he ran by (of course in the opposite direction of the gathering clouds… smart doggie).

Had to run and get chinese food, so I can only share my  “visuals” as the storm approached… left my camera at home… And wicked is an adjective that doesn’t describe it- angry, seething clouds, black and grey, spinning and swirling and seemingly devouring the lighter helpless sky before it. Hail was thrown in for good measure. Bounced off my truck with a ping…

But as always, after the storm passes and D3 was in hand… AWESOME MAGIC… Magic colors, magic clouds, just plain and simple… MAGIC. Enjoy!

Sunset After the StormHome... After the Storm