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Meet Mason & Charlie (the flying dogs!)

Meet Mason and Charlie two dogs that literally defy gravity. Their stories are both heartbreaking, and heartwarming. Both were rescue dogs… Mason, a mixed breed, was “bait” for fighting dogs as a puppy (he still wears a scar on his forehead of those times) and Charlie, the aussie border collie lost his tail. Sarah, their owner rescued them and turned them into incredible leaping hounds who compete in frisbee fetching contests. To watch them soar, will take your breath away- these canines show determination, intelligence, and pure heart when the frisbee leaves Sarah’s hand. Very rarely am I blown away, but this impromptou display at a family party left me clapping, smiling, and teary-eyed at their incredible effort, and history… these two pups just stole my heart.


One quick thing I learned during this shoot… forget trying to track these guys- way to fast to keep a zoomed lens on them. Had to change from Dynamic 21 point to Dynamic 51 point with 3D tracking, that way the camera did the heavy lifting in terms of the autofocus- and believe me, it was working overtime!


Ruby – Doo!

or Rub-a-lina… or Ruby-Star!

Meet Ruby, my sister’s golden-doodle dog. She has quite the mouth, and rarely lets you forget she’s by your side. She’ll actually have a full-blown conversation with you, if you let her. 🙂

Meet Chloe

We have a visitor in our house for the next few days. And its great to hear the pitter-patter of little paws running on the tile and carpet. This is Chloe an energetic toy-poodle, who dishes out kisses by the dozens… while jumping on your lap and lifting her paw to your chin. The boys don’t want to go to school, rather, they’d like to hang out and pet, chase, play, roll-on-the-floor and giggle along with this bundle of energy and sweetness.