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Bodega Bay Harbor

This was a quick 5 frame snap made with an HDR in mind. Started playing with the image (almost like I always do… while I so enjoy shooting, the techie/geek in me really loves messing around in post-production).

Why HDR? Its debatable really… I found the glitter on the water to be blowing out a bit in one frame, so I bracketed thinking I would get everything compresses real nice.

Why Black and White? No other reason than I liked it better than the color version. Used NIK’s Silver Efex Pro to switch it over to B&W. Its simply awesome.

That was it. “Nancy” is the name of the boat… so if you know anyone named that, they might really enjoy the image 🙂

Bellying up to the Bar

This shot is from the outside bar at Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda. Thought it would make for a neat HDR image… and something very different from the typical landscapes I post. This was more about playing around with the colors and pushing the “structure” slider a bit more than usual (thats what gives an HDR image that more intense, “Harry Potter-ish look” which I typically don’t like)

Love the glow of the light at the bottom of the bar, its what caught my eye to begin with, and it lead to this image being born. 


Back to Jenne’s Farm

Awhile back I posted another version of Jenne’s Farm, a famous locale just south of the city of Woodstock in Vermont. So as it happens, I was going through that Lightroom catalog looking at some of the images from that shoot and I came across this one. Since I’m in a single frame HDR conversion sorta kick lately, figured, “hey, why not… lets see how it goes…”

Honestly really like this one- mainly because of the drama and tension between the sky and land. The sun had peeked out for just a few moments from some ugly, rainy clouds and lit up the landscape, while the clouds retained their very sullen, “I’m going to pour on you” attitude… and beneath all this natural stuff happening sat the farmhouses in their glorious red paint.


The Three Amigos

Was about to wrap up shooting this old Saltbox when these party crashers showed up… Literally walked right into the frame without a care in the world. The front guy, sorta tilted his head at me as if to say “Nutty photographer, this weather is for us… go home, leave the cold to those with warm feathers…”

Took one frame and used Photomatix to process a single frame HDR. Cleaned it up in CS3 using a few of my favorite NIK filters (see last post).


Shooting Your Own “Backyard”

Living on Long Island, NY sorta forces me to “go away” for landscape shots- Yosemite, Crescent City, Outerbanks… And yet from time to time I am fortunate enough to jump in the truck with gear and tripod in hand and venture forth… around the corner. We got snow today. Quite a bit of it here in NY (although nothing compared to my compatriots in NJ, poor things 🙂 So I ran around Setauket and Stonybrook this morning, shooting some sites I’ve wanted to shoot for awhile. This is a turn of the century farm house thats down near the “Setauket Duckpond.” Been around since the 17 or 1800’s and I’ve always wanted a shot of it in extreme weather or… a terrific sunset, with a multi-hued sky above it.

Funny thing is, I really had a tough time composing for it. Across the street there are a ton of telephone lines, behind it a modern house… UGH! Thought it would be alot easier to put this image together, it was frustrating to come up with a composition that I felt would work. I hope you like this one… have a few more I have to finish but, this is the first out of the gate. The more i look at it the more and more I like the emphasis on the tree and the snow blowing across the house… gives it a very ‘raw’ feeling (for me anyway…).

Given the “blah” light and the snow falling, I decided to shoot a few frames, and then a few GDR’s as well.  This is a  5 frame HDR combined in Photomatix and finished in Lightroom and CS3. have a few NIK filters in there like tonal contrast, darken/lighten center, and I think a contrast color range to boot.


Images in the Rock

As I walked through Antelope Canyon, both Lower and Upper sections my guide Vernon pointed out the “figures” in the rock. Their was Richard Nixon, cheeky jowls and all, George Washington, and an Angel. One of my favorite images in the rock though, was the stunningly real “Monument Valley.” You have to look straight up to the ceiling to make it out, but sure enough, the red rock makes a cutting double for the real thing.

Aimed the tripod up at a 90 degree angle, snapped off 5 bracketed images to capture the image above.

Funny thing about this is, when I got back to las Vegas the next day i was flipping through a local magazine and they had an article about Rodney Lough Jr’s new Wilderness Gallery at the City Center. Sure enough… there was his take on Monument Valley from Antelope Canyon splayed across the page. Seems like it’s a popular attraction for us photogs to shoot. During the week I had an opportunity to visit his Gallery and was amazed by his work- great landscape photographer! I laughed out loud when I saw one of his images “Toward the Light”, because I had named one of mine the very same thing (although his was a landscape scene, mine was a floral). Again, funny how we share the same conciousness…

Antelope Canyon

Words truly fail to describe these natural wonders, its this reason I am glad I have gotten into photography. You have to see the images of these canyons to believe them.

The Canyons  been carved over millions of years by water. A simple process, but the results are stunningly complex. The erosion of the Navajo Sandstone over spans of geologic time have left us with breathtaking beauty.

My guide Vernon spent the day with me in the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons, we also had a chance to visit Rattlesnack Canyon as well. All left me shaking my head, feeling rather small against nature, and dying to point my lens somewhere else to capture this almost unearthly scene before me.

I need to return to this location outside of Page, Arizona in summer- shafts of light from the overhead sun strike the walls and floor of the canyons setting them afire and aglow… can’t wait to go back 🙂

Enjoy these posts … I hope to have captured some of the magic I felt…

A Small Excursion…

As a photographer you continuously develop a list of places you want to go, set up, and shoot to your hearts content.

Interestingly enough, most of these places are not local, and getting to some of them is well, a bit, difficult. Hence my day-trip to Page, Arizona from Las Vegas was filled with interesting events- a white-out snow storm between Kalab, Utah and Page forced me to drive about 5 miles an hour for almost an hour in pitch black no-line-in-front-of-you conditions… then there was the heard of deer in downtown Kalab that decided to bolt out into traffic and force a few of us in our autos to slam on our breaks and shake our heads. Not to mention, the “no service” on my iphone and blackberry for almost 2 hours. God forbid something happens to you out there ~ better know smoke signals…

Of course the payoff is when the destination exceeds your expectations. Getting up early, I drove to Horseshoe Bend just outside of Page. I’ve seen many pictures of the place and honestly wasn’t too impressed… until you actually go there and see the damn thing in real life. The mighty Colorado River has carved a big “U” in the middle of nowhere… and it’s just not any “U”, its a thousand foot drop from where you stand to the water line. And me being me, afraid of heights… well, a lot of deep breaths were going on, not to mention checking my tripod for sturdiness a half dozen times before affixing the camera to it.

This is an HDR image of the Bend, blended in Photomatix Pro. Had to shoot with a 14-24 mm lens in order to capture the whole thing!

George Washington Bridge at Sunrise

Unlike the Brooklyn Bridge which I have a love/love relationship with… the GWB and I have a love/severe hate sort of thing going on. I commute across it quit a bit… have sat for hours in traffic on its span, experienced it closed for icing and high wind conditions~ it can be a living hell when there is an accident.

And yet there is something majestic about this bridge. It offers great views of Manhattan as you drive across it (eyes on the road!) and it just seems to be a “workhorse” bridge.

This shot was taken in the morning, cloud cover made it seem ominous and foreboding, almost like the opening credits of a horror flick where the Director is setting the stage for bad things to happen.

This is a five frame HDR, blended using Photomatix and then worked on a little bit in Photoshop- used Nik’s Define to soften the noise in the clouds. That’s about it.


Crossroads of the World

So DLWS NYC 2009 comes to a close.

We covered a lot of ground- from Wee Hawken sunset, to Liberty State Park sunrise, to Chinatown, Canal Street, SOHO, Central park… and a walking tour of Midtown… not to mention a peek at the George Washington Bridge as well. I’m pretty tired… ran on 4 hours of sleep a night since Sunday- each day up at 4:30am, and to bed around midnight (or later) finishing images, cleaning the gear, and figuring out what went well and what didn’t. Exhausting… and yet exhilirating.

This is an HDR from Times Square. Handheld, as tripods are a no-no and the tripod police will arrest you if they even sniff a carbon fiber beast in your pocket. So stood atop the “Red Steps”, steadied the old arms using the Joe McNally grip, exhaled and snapped 5 frames.

Have to clean up a few “Blurries” (people and objects that “move” between the 5 exposures… but overall, I think this image captures the energy and vibrance of this incredible place where the world comes together.