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Annual Easter Portraits

Every year we start Easter morning with an Egg Hunt- the crazy bunny leaves its candied eggs and whatnot strewn throughout the house. It’s a ton of fun to watch the oys crawl, run, laugh, and pretty much love finding their tiny hidden treasures. Afterwards its dress up and shoot time, we’ve created an annual Easter Portrait and this year wanted to move outside to see what kind of ย a snap could be captured. Using the Lastolite Ezybox, 1 SB-900 and an SU-800 commander unit, we set to work on the porch trying to balance the ambient light with some fill flash from the 900. It was pretty bright out, so stoppeddown -1 to 1.5 on the EV, kept the flash at about +0.3 – +0.7 to pop some light on tristan and Aidan;s faces and upper torso. I liked the effect, and it was all th better that we shot it in about 5 minutes. Quick and easy, and a nice result. That’s a good day when it comes to lighting and photography ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy, and hope your Holidays were terrific!

More Portraits from the “Bug Shoot”

Another shot from the infamous ‘Bug Shoot”.

This one required a bit of work in post, and I’m still not sure I love it- I like the idea, but the execution I think needed a bit more help. I would have liked more fill light on Tristan’s side (the right side) of the image.

One of the on-going challenges of portrait photography is having enough hands to actually assist with the shoot- my wife Kathy is off camera left with the Lastolite Ezybox, I’m shooting and obviously the boys are in front of the lens… hmmm, need another pair of hands to either work another flash or hold a reflector to bounce some fill into the picture. I was thinking of bringing a light stand and a clamp, but glad I didn’t with the bug brigade out in force and sucking blood at a furious rate, would never have had the time to fiddle with one. I think Joe McNally said it best in one of our workshops “Work with what you have, and live to fight another day…” true words of wisdom, and this shoot was living proof that we had to run and gun and get out of there before we became eaten alive.

In post I actually processed this as a single frame HDR file, then using Nik Color Efex pro I used a few filters to desaturate the image and bring it back into line (the HDR processing left a lot of noise in the shadows). All in all not a bad “capture” but I look forward to a bugless night and the opportunity to compose this one correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tristan & Aidan (c) Joseph Rowland 2009

Portrait Hazards

Took the boys to a local park last night to shoot some portraits with the Lastolite Ezybox. Showed up a little after six and shortly thereafter received the first bite.

The bugs were out with a vengeance… Not your normal mosquitoes either,we are talking miniature bats with wings.

We decided to run and gun and see what we could do in the lingering minutes of the fading sun. ย There is an old red barn in the park, a huge pond, a bridge… so the scenic photo opps are plentiful.

But the bugs proved to be unrelenting. It was like watching a dog fight series on the history channel- went from bad to worse in a hurry. And the boys became increasingly “unhappy”.

Ended up with a few keepers, the image below is one of them… but we had to give the proverbial (and literal) pint of blood to get it ๐Ÿ™‚


Tristan & Aidan Portrait (c) Joseph Rowland 2009

Portrait in the Daisies

Was messing around with the Lastolite Ezybox and a Nikon SB-900. Stuck the boys in a chuckle patch of daisies in the backyard and snapped away.

Ezybox is about 3 feet or so, camera left, shooting TTL with an SU-800 Commander unit on my D3. Still experimenting with the quality of light and distance put out by the Ezybox~ it really is very portable, easy to setup and delivers some great light. Added a darken/lighten center NIK filter to his face and darkened the border around his eyes just a tad…

…Love how carefully he holds the flowers. Enjoy!

Portrait in the Daisies