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Unleash da’ Hound…

So the latest addition to our family has indeed earned her nickname “Silly Lilly”…

She scoots, sprints, careens, crashes and simply runs through the house… leaving a wake of mischief behind her :).

Grabbed my camera to catch her antics for posterity. Enjoy!


Meet Lilly!

So after many months of silence, we once again have the sounds of paws on tile and carpet, puppy kisses and a pink belly to rub. For to long Tristan has remarked, “Dad, our house really needs a dog!”

And today, after a lengthy journey to Virginia, Lilly “Zsa-Zsa” Rowland has arrived. She’s a Vizla, and she’s just stolen our hearts. She spent most of the ride nestled between the boys in a blankie, or sitting on Tristan’s lap watching the States we drove through pass on by. When she sits, she has this regal manner about her, and her tennis ball pounce will seriously bring a tear to your eye because you belly laugh so hard. She is such a welcome addition to our home…

These are just a few first shots of her when she entered her new house, she sniffed, checked everything out, gave us a tail wag and then chewed on her bed for awhile. All in a days work for this gurl-dogga 🙂