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Life at 2200

Tristan had his school play last night, “Big Words Strong Words” a play based on a book about Martin Luther King’s life. Kids did a great job (a much better job remembering lines than I would ever be able to do 🙂

Trouble with these plays are they are wickedly weirdly lit (if thats a sentence…) Big spotlight, shadows falling off all over the place, fluorescents overhead… all make for a pea-soup lighting solution.

And thats why I love my Nikon D3. I’m not one to fan the fires of Nikon vs Canon, I think they are both top-quality machines… but this image is one of the main reasons I made the switch. I’m shooting at ISO 2200, no flash, at f5. A little bit of noise, but one run of Noiseware professional and it was pretty much gone. Using my old Canon 40D, this would have been a nightmare, probably a snapshot to review, but never print or post- the grain would be too overwhelming.


The Bronx Zoo TWO~ Monkey

While this guy is super cute, the story behind this image is the amazing technology which makes this image possible. Shot at ISO 1100, my 70-200mm racked out to 200mm, f2.8, 1/2000 sec. There was a little noise in the image, but NIK’s define 2.0 (noise reduction app) got rid of it, without having to resort to a final Noiseware (another noise reduction software made by Imagenomic) makeover. This is where the D3 really shines. If this had been my Canon 40D, the amount of noise would have been unbearable, now shooting at 1100 means, there might still be a bit of graininess, but its manageable, and the clarity of the image, well… take a look at the monkey’s face and eyes… even at this low-web resolution, still pretty sharp… By the way, this must have been the ONLY moment I was watching this guy where he sat still, most of the time he was a running, jumping, leaping, well… monkey 🙂 Enjoy!

Crazy Monkey