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Winters Last Light in Grand Central Terminal

This location has been on my shoot list for quite some time, so I jumped at the chance when my photog friend Dan Horton put together a Merry band of Photographers to head into NYC and shoot Grand Central Terminal (with permits for tripods).

You can’t help but think of the history of this place. Built in the late 1800’s, the original “station” was ripped down, and replaced with the current building in 1913. I read a statistic that 40% of the US population once flowed through this place. Its vaulted celestial ceiling, magnificent windows, and famous information booth saw the Great Depression, World War I and World War II, the nuclear and space ages… Simply amazing.

Today hundreds of thousands of people a week rush down its stairs, through its tracks, and its main lobby to destinations near and far. And through all the rush and hub-ub, the building itself sits quietly, majestically, a cavernous testament to the quiet will of man.


Just a quick P.S…. we really lucked out… was talking to a Police Officer in the Terminal while I was there… the sun only rises through the main station windows during the late winter months… a few more days and we would have missed this dazzling show…


Trinity Church Statue

I think one of the coolest things about photographing Churches are the statues that tend to be strewn about their properties. This is Trinity Church in lower Manhattan… back corner of the church in a little alcove, this statue sits, embedded in the imposing brick wall. Vertical and horizontal lines converge around it, emphasizing the incredible detail of his head, hands, and body, notto mention the flourish at the base of the statue. Can’t help but think of all the changes this guy has seen around him, the city building, and rebuilding and changing at ever increasing rates of speed… and yet this statue sits, quietly through the days, weeks, and years, overlooking the tombs of Robert Fulton, Alexander Hamilton and others in the Church’s small graveyard.

Leaves me wondering what he might say if he could speak… Enjoy!

Trinity Statue

Right Place, Right Time…

This cube sculpture in lower Manhattan really intrigued me as our Photowalk made our way past it. It was early afternoon so the light reaching the street through the buildings was pretty harsh, the worst kind of light to be shooting in. I worked different angles, and was about to walk away when a woman walked up, and struck this pose- hands on the Cube, sunlight streaming down on her, reflections everywhere- in the building glass, on the wet pavement and against the cube itself.

Neat stuff. I think she lends a great sense of scale, for not only the Cube, but for the building in front of her. It’s┬áthe type of image capture you can really only get in a spontaneous situation… or being in the right place, at the right time. Enjoy!

Light Reflections