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Bodega Bay Harbor

This was a quick 5 frame snap made with an HDR in mind. Started playing with the image (almost like I always do… while I so enjoy shooting, the techie/geek in me really loves messing around in post-production).

Why HDR? Its debatable really… I found the glitter on the water to be blowing out a bit in one frame, so I bracketed thinking I would get everything compresses real nice.

Why Black and White? No other reason than I liked it better than the color version. Used NIK’s Silver Efex Pro to switch it over to B&W. Its simply awesome.

That was it. “Nancy” is the name of the boat… so if you know anyone named that, they might really enjoy the image 🙂


Landing on Pandora in Black & White

Posted this image in full color on January 28th. A long view of the valley with Bridalveil falls at the upper left hand corner.

After playing with it using NIK’s Silver Efex Pro I decided I really liked this shot in Black & White. The river running through the middle glistening, offsets the shadows of the valley falling on the left side. Makes for an interesting play on texture which is what happens when you flip color to black and white- I think the loss of color creates a gain in contrast and texture. Something to consider as you review your images and decide which might make a nice eye-popping B&W.


El Capitan & The Merced River in B&W

Yosemite National Park with its rich textures and amazing grandur really lends itself to black and white photographs… and panoramas.

So when you put the two together you tend to get an awesome image. This is 2 shots stitched in CS3 of El Capitan, and the Merced River rapidly flowing beneath its base. This was shot pretty late in the day, and the mist over the fallen snow was beginning to rise giving even more punch to the B&W treatment. Used NIK’s awesome Silver Efex Pro for the Black & White conversion…


I think that I shall never see…

…So starts the poem by Joyce Kilmer (whose Dad invented Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder…)

Always loved trees. In the Redwood forests I stood beneath them craning my neck, amazed and humbled by their presence, and those trees, they really have PRESENCE. I mean, they are not only BIG but the feel old and wise. I love trees that have big limbs and reach toward the sky defying gravity and staking their place in the world.

This is a shot from Central Park. These trees felt old and wise as well… so I used a little Silver Efex Pro to give the image that old time feel.


One Tree Hill

For years Ive been looking for a lonely tree shot… I don’t think this one accomplishes the objective but it’s a work in progress.

Would love to find a tree against the perfect sky (either silo or not) maybe a fence running through the image as well. Something that conveys that sense of broad expansive space, and yet a touch of loneliness. Maybe a big oak tree (so if anyone knows a shoot location like this, plane tickets can be readied immediately).

This was shot on the POrt Royal Golf Course in Bermuda. Actually, had to edit out 2 trees to the left in digital darkroom post-processing (so powerful is the call to find that ONE TREE).

While I liked the full color version, I also liked the quick B&W conversion that Nik’s Silver Efex Pro gave the images’ look and feel… so went with it 🙂


One Tree Hill (c) Joseph Rowland 2009