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Neat close up of a river in Vermont taken with a Singh Ray Variable Neutral Density Filter to get “that maximum water blur”.

This is a 4 second exposure taken at f/16 with a Nikon D3 on a Gitzo Tripod. Need to use the tripod for a shot like this, absolute must.

Yummy & Delicious!

I’m not a food photographer. Never had the urge to shoot something cooked or baked until tonight. These cupcakes were just begging me to break out some lights and lenses and get to work.

These are toffee/caramel buttercream cupcakes (OMG!). Not sure what the calorie count adds up to, but really who cares? These are worth every minute on the treadmill.  They were whipped up by the Three Sisters Cupcake Company of East Setauket for a birthday party… and they tasted as good as they looked 🙂

Shot them a few different ways – Nikon D3, 70-200mm zoom, 50mm 1.4 (shot wide open at 1.4-1/8), and I also added the Canon 500D Macro lens and a Gitzo tripod into the mix for some close up shots. Lighting was one SB-900 shot through a Lastolite Ezybox controlled by an SU800- mostly dialed into -1.3EV on the flash.

It’s a shame I can’t share these with you bloggers… if ony Nikon could create a teleportation device 🙂


Somewhere, NYC

This was taken while street walking with a 24 mm Perspective Control Lens on my D3 (Thanks Ron!). This lens has quickly moved up my wishlist as a creative ‘weapon’ in the lens arsenal. It’s a great deal of fun to just walk and snap, shift the plane of focus and snap again.

This is a shot from Lower Manhattan. Love the fact I got the taxi, the light in sharp focus in red, a pedestrian blurred out, and the line of buildings stretching down the street. I think it does a nice job of capturing that “feel” of NYC.


Passing Through The Lane…

I’m not a big fan of the Canon vs Nikon debate. I shot with a Canon Rebel, 20D and 40D… then made the switch to a Nikon D3 and one of the main reasons was its low light capability. Not a lot of noise when shooting High ISO’s… and this weekend I put that puppy to the test.

Gymnasiums tend to be light-pits-from-hell. Those ugly greenish lights, mixed with sun pouring through the windows, not to mention a few fluorescents thrown in for good measure. Amazing that the camera actually works and snaps an image. 🙂

One of my favorite things to shoot are my sons (actually, they ARE my favorite things to shoot). And I love “peak action” shots like this one- Tristan was breaking down the court, saw the open man, and telegraphed a nice pass which lead to 2 points a few moments later. Peak action caught- off his feet, hands fully extended, ball flying through mid-air, his eyes sharply focused on his team mate whose outstretched right palm can be seen on the left of the frame.. I just love this stuff… I really do.

Turning 7!

My son Tristan turns 7 next weekend- we had his big bash at the Long Island Ducks game last night. While the Ducks lost miserably, the game was lots of fun. He met the players, stood on the roof of the dugout and got sung Happy Birthday by 5,000 fans, and even had fireworks by Grucci to top off the evening. Family and his closest friends were around to celebrate.

Shot most of the night at ISO 800 or above- had to… low light made it difficult to keep the shutter speeds high and not get blur. Here is really where the Nikon D3 shines- up to 1100 there is virtually no noise, and the little bit there is can be dealt with very easily with Noiseware (which I ran on this image).  Many more pics to post, both here and on Facebook…


Tristan and cake (c) Joseph Rowland 2009

ISO 4,500

Shhoting indoor soccer is tough on a camera. Lighting isn’t great, action is fast, and focus lock takes a split second longer than usual because players bunch together and then separate like the wind. Tristan has been playing summer indoor soccer on Sunday mornings, so I’ve been shooting at different ISO’s, and shutter speeds as the game unfolds. Took this one yesterday using ISO 4,500 with a shutter speed of 1/125 sec. The amazing thing is with the Nikon D3 this was shot as ISO 4,500. Had some noise and grain in the original image, but ran Noiseware Professional on its default setting and it was gone. Had to edit out a water bottle along the wall, too distracting for my eye 🙂


Tristan Indoor Soccer

Coquina Beach, Outer Banks

This shot is from Coquina Beach in the Outer Banks.  Always loved those ‘long-view’ beach shots where the beach sorta   s t r e t c h e s away from you and meets the ocean in the far off distance. The dunes in the middle really add to that distant perspective. I don’t know about you, but this image conveys that sort of quiet, walking alone on a beach…where you can feel your own heart beat and your thoughts quiet… and you wish the moment wouldn’t end.

Coquina Beach

Strike a Pose!

Back to one of my favorite shooting locations at sunset- West Meadow Beach in Stonybrook. Great view of the sun as it drops to the horizon, can’t ask for a better backdrop. My son Aidan was in party mode (not to mention “throwing rocks wildly mode” as well… :-)) Was using the old McNally method of shooting in Tungsten and shifting the color temp of the off camera flash to orange with a full CTO gel on an SB-900. Played with it through a diffuser as well as flash only (with the plastic diffuser cap on the flash). Was going to grab the Lastolite Ezybox as well, but given the tiredness level of the two models… figured traveling fast and light was a much better option for all involved).

Now, mind you, Aidan is much to young to have Saturday Night Fever, but when he struck this pose, well, laughter erupted from my lips. He sure can work it as they say in the biz. Was thinking of sending this t the folks at the GAP for their next kids’ catalog… 🙂


Aidan: Strike a Pose!

The Last Frame

Always interesting to see what the last frame you took on location turned out to be.

Sunlight had just about faded below the horizon at Coquina Beach in the Outer Banks and the Moon had risen in the sky. That twilight feel had set in, and honestly, I was a bit tired of shooting (we had also been up at 4am that morning). Turns out as I scrolled through Lightroom looking at the images snapped, this one made me pause. I thought when I took it the moon would be too washed out, too distant, but upon closer inspection, it seemed to be ok.

Into Photoshop it went, used Topaz Adjust to Umph! the exposure a bit (then slid it down using the opacity, too much and it becomes overdone), and left it as you see it now. Enjoy!

Moon over the Dunes

Right Place, Right Time…

This cube sculpture in lower Manhattan really intrigued me as our Photowalk made our way past it. It was early afternoon so the light reaching the street through the buildings was pretty harsh, the worst kind of light to be shooting in. I worked different angles, and was about to walk away when a woman walked up, and struck this pose- hands on the Cube, sunlight streaming down on her, reflections everywhere- in the building glass, on the wet pavement and against the cube itself.

Neat stuff. I think she lends a great sense of scale, for not only the Cube, but for the building in front of her. It’s the type of image capture you can really only get in a spontaneous situation… or being in the right place, at the right time. Enjoy!

Light Reflections