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Sunlit Waterfall- Puerto Rico

Finally getting to finish some of the images taken in the “El Yunque” rainforest in Puerto Rico. Have a few more to go through, but as I was perusing, this 9 bracket HDR caught my eye. Enjoyed how the sunlight brightened the left side of the image and highlighted sections of this little waterfall.

Waterfalls provide awesome detail shot opportunities. I can spend hours upon hours shooting them, because the offer so many hidden gems. Set up. take it all in, and then move around… go vertical, go landscape, go close, go wide. Look for areas where water rushes across rocks, spills to creates patterns, or meanders providing create light reflections. Its not always about the waterfall itself (see some of the Yosemite shots from earlier this year, most of the best were not of the actual waterfalls but of the reflections of El Capitan on the water itself.)



Rainforest Water

Quick shot using a Singh Ray Variable Neutral Density on a waterfall in the middle of the St. Lucia rainforest.  I love the effect the filter allows for- that smooth, milky flow… brings magic to the image. Water was a bit muddied because the Island had received so much rain. Was venturing to shoot some other waterfalls, much bigger than this one, but the rivers were pretty swollen… so, to avoid an ‘incident’, thought it better to try it ‘next time’ 🙂