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The Signature Frame Collection: Jenne’s Farm

Since we opened last year Jenne’s Farm has struck a chord with clients hat have come to The Gallery. It’s one of our best selling prints, and seems to really draw viewers in to its idyllic New England scene.

… The vibrance of this image is one of the reasons it was selected to be included in the Signature Frame Collection. The rich, heavy wood frame and Museum quality mat finish this piece perfectly.


The Signature Frame Collection: Bridge & Tree

From Heritage Park in the Outer Banks, NC… An amazing scene, finished with Epson Exhibition Fiber paper, a 4″ Museum Rag Mat, and a distressed walnut/gold trim frame. This is a true “mantle” piece or living room focal point. Stop by the Gallery and check it out…

Introducing The Signature Frame Collection…

We’ve been hard at work at The Gallery!

We are proud and excited to introduce The Signature Frame Collection. We’ve selected a few of our spectacular images to finish in a “you’ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it” fashion.

First, the images are printed on Epson’s Exhibition Fiber paper, one of the most luxurious papers a photograph can find itself on. Next ,we added Museum quality mats (where appropriate) and finally, we worked with a design team to incorporate some heavy-duty, WOW!, frames to compliment and complete each image. If cared for properly, these works of art can last well over 100 years.

Stop down at the Gallery, they are on display, and available for purchase now.

318 Wynn Lane |Port Jefferson | New York 11777


The Gallery Turns One!

This Saturday night, December 11th, 2010, we are having a little wine and cheese gathering at The Gallery. Its a little celebration of sorts… The Gallery is turning ONE!

To celebrate we are having a raffle called “You Pick 1” (sort of a play on the one year old theme). Walk The Gallery, flip through the portfolios… find an image you love. Give us your email address, the image name and why you like it and we’ll toss your name and hopefully a bunch of others into a hat. We’ll pick a lucky winner on January 8th 2011. Just a little thank you for making the first year sooo much fun!

Come Join US!

Friday, May 14, 2010! The “Official” opening of Rowland Photography |The Gallery will happen at 5:30pm. The Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce will be performing the ribbon cutting… very exciting for us at The Gallery. Better yet, we’ll be donating 20% of our sales that weekend to the March of Dimes- a terrific organization that we hope to raise some money for. So… if you’ve wanted to stop down or purchase a print… stop down!

NEW at The Gallery

I’ve long been a fan of the handwritten note. In this email crazy, blackberry driven, iphone wielding day, nothing goes further than a handwritten note to a friend, family-member, or loved one. Unlike the immediacy of email, a note has to be thought out, constructed and paused upon. You can rarely just fire one off… the great thing about it, is the recipient will linger on your words, and have a keepsake for years to come.

Really… nothing beats it. ┬áTry it, I promise, the reaction you get will be worth it.

“Don’t send an email, send a Fine Art Notecard”… not sure that has the marketing ring to it that I would like BUT, you get the idea ­čÖé

We are taking some of our images and translating them to 5″x7″ notecards which will be available for purchase at The Gallery. $4.00 for a single card, 3 for $9.00. All notecards are signed. Cards are printed on paper from Red River Paper, a phenomenal paper company that makes stock specifically for notecards. It’s amazing stuff- we offer four different types of paper, a Fine Art Natural, Fine Art White, River Linen, and a High Gloss.

Stop in… check them out, buy one and send that handwritten note you’ve been meaning to accompanied by a beautiful Fine Art Print!

Gratitude Beyond Belief- Rowland Photography Opens in Port Jefferson

So yesterday was the culmination of several months work, lots-of-sweat, late nights printing past 2am, long weekends, and working with great folks at my framers to finish off the images and breathe those last breaths to give them life (“It’s ALIVE”). Seeing the images I’ve snapped over the last few years hanging on the walls of our Gallery is well, nothing short of goose-bump making stuff. ┬áThen having close to 100 people turn out to see the “Facebook Picture of the Day” brought to life, well, thats beyond goose-bump territory… its downright miraculous, and a bit overwhelming.

Folks drove as far as Pennsylvania, took the ferry from Connecticut and braved the George Washington Bridge to attend. Nothing humbles me more than the thought of all those eyes coming to see ┬áthese images I’ve captured. To those of you that came, I offer a really heartfelt thank you! And to those of you that purchased a Rowland Photography print… it’s beyond thank you, that’s the ultimate compliment that you’ve spent your hard earned money on something I’ve wrought. So I hope the images that land on your walls, and in your homes, bring a smile for many, many years to come.

Thank YOU!

… We are “OPEN” going forward 6 days a week (and by appointment on Thurdays), so if you are in Port Jefferson, please come visit us at 318 Wynn Lane (across from RUVO, who by the way just rocked the house with unbelievable food ALL DAY). Hours are posted below… hope to see you soon ­čÖé