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Sunlit Waterfall- Puerto Rico

Finally getting to finish some of the images taken in the “El Yunque” rainforest in Puerto Rico. Have a few more to go through, but as I was perusing, this 9 bracket HDR caught my eye. Enjoyed how the sunlight brightened the left side of the image and highlighted sections of this little waterfall.

Waterfalls provide awesome detail shot opportunities. I can spend hours upon hours shooting them, because the offer so many hidden gems. Set up. take it all in, and then move around… go vertical, go landscape, go close, go wide. Look for areas where water rushes across rocks, spills to creates patterns, or meanders providing create light reflections. Its not always about the waterfall itself (see some of the Yosemite shots from earlier this year, most of the best were not of the actual waterfalls but of the reflections of El Capitan on the water itself.)


It’s Just Freakin Massive!

That’s the only way to describe Yosemite Falls. This is the base of the Upper Falls where the water cascades down 1,400 or so feet and lands with a roar.For perspective, I am about 6’2″. In this shot I’m not even sure you would even be able to resolve me in this image. It’s that BIG! From here, the water churns into the middle falls, before diving again into Lower Yosemite Falls.

Amazing to think how these trees and scrub fight for life on this shelf of granite. Nothing protecting them from the elements but the pure will and drive to live. Nature at its best here in this photo. Its one of those indelible memories locked in my head from this visit to this fantastic place.

The Falls and a Rainbow

I think few people realize just how big Upper & Lower Yosemite falls are… over 2,400 feet top to bottom, which makes the falls a top 10 highest fall in the world. The amazing thing is Upper falls alone (shown here), is taller than the Empire State Building by some 150 feet.

Dazzling isn’t it?

The unfortunate thing is that this still image doesn’t capture the “roar” of the water spilling this great distance. When you are close you can feel the bass in your chest… the constant-ness of it differs from the usual sounds you hear with pounding surf which has a rhythm to it… this just goes and goes and goes…

I love the “S” curve of the falls in this image… as the wind kicks up the water free-forms in the air and the entire falls sways and dances before your eyes. Could spend all day here just watching the majesty of it all…


Yosemite Day 1: Morning

Up at 5:45am for a stroll to the Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. Fortunately, its only about a 10 minute walk from the Lodge at the Falls. No drive. Literally, these things are right outside the window… You can hear them roaring through the night.

Simple click of the falls from the walkway you take to get up to the Lower Fall. Had a neat rainbow experience as the sun lit up the water vapor rising from the bottom of the water basin. The Upper falls decends something like 2,000 feet. Absolutely amazing, When the wind blows, the water just sways left and right, turning to mist which floats its way down and around to another fall prior to getting to the Lower Fall.

Just a wicked cool place.