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Jenna & Ryan’s Album Arrived!

A few posts ago I wrote about shooting Ryan & Jenna’s wedding. I professed profusely that I am by no means a wedding photographer. I got a glimpse of just how difficult it is to do that job, and I have a newfound respect for those that do it well. As a special memento to the couple I assembled what I thought were some of the best of Images of the Day and uploaded them to AdoramaPix (I am friends with Jeff Synder over at Adorama and had the pleasure of shooting with him in the Outer Banks a few years ago, and I often email him when I need some advice on gear).

Well, the album arrived and I must tell you I was blown away by it. Truly, blown away. The quality was top notch- colors were dead on, printing and binding were simply outstanding. The book features “lay-flat” pages so you can upload and do a full two page spread without having to worry about “gutter” issues in the middle of the page~ AMAZING! I would highly recommend you try AdoramPix if you are interested in putting a book together.

Since it was so personalized for Ryan & Jenna I scoured the web looking for “Love” quotes (btw, this took a lot of time to find quotes that weren’t silly, or simply not appropriate for the occasion…) and also incorporated the lyrics to the songs that Jenna and her Dad danced to, and Ryan danced with his Mom.

Had the chance to give Ryan & Jenna a copy this past weekend, was a great moment… click on the link below to check it out…



Jenna & Ryan’s Wedding Video

So I am by no means a wedding photographer. Never claimed to be… But in the interest of shooting and pretending I was, I took the gear to my cousin’s wedding and shot a bunch of frames. let me reiterate I am not Jasmin Star or David Zisner… 🙂

Some things I learned… I can’t handhold at 1/60sec inside in low light worth a damn (I wish I was Joe McNally in these instances). You can’t shoot the Communion ceremony (I actually got scolded for this, but really, I just didn’t know 🙂 and finally, these images represent really special memories to my family. And that makes all of the failing and scolding worthwhile. Ryan and Jenna are just great people, and capturing these moments… well, that’s a privilege and an honor because I know years from now these pictures may end up being viewed by their children or grand-children and the legacy of these moments will live on and on.

Enjoy! (Click the link below)